Numerology: Year of 1

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2017: A Universal 1 Year

In numerology, there is what is known as a 9-Year Cycle of Change. The Cycle facilitates progress and evolution for all living things.

As humans, we tend to react negatively to change. In fact, most of us resist it. However, the 9-Year Cycle of Change helps us learn to find grace and acceptance. Dare I say, we may even embrace our transformation.

As 2016 closes, we are confronted with the end of a Universal 9 Year--a time for endings and closure. The 9 Year is the like the grand finale of a fireworks display, it can dramatically illuminate our view, and therefore, shed light on issues we haven't confronted. Many people change jobs, end & start relationships and experience a release (death -- of the physical body, ideas and beliefs).  Socially, we have seen much come to light in 2016 -- Black Lives Matter, Trump's U.S. election, Standing Rock, Aleppo and more --all issues that will need to be confronted for us to heal in our next 9-Year Cycle. 

As we move into 2017, a Universal Year of 1, we celebrate new beginnings. It is a hopeful and encouraging year, as we can begin to rebuild, reconnect and confront our past. It is expected to be a powerful year for improving our financial matters. However, it can be messy as we begin to navigate. Think of the falls and accidents a child experiences as he learns to walk. We have faith that the baby will walk, but it requires patience and compassion. We, too, will get there. 

As we usher in this 9-Year Cycle of Change, its important to point out that we will only achieve healing among mankind with an eye towards consciousness and community, and there must be a movement away from greed and impulsive behaviors.

It's easy to point fingers and tell others to change, but this change begins with you.

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