The secret to a flat belly

You've cleaned up your diet. You're up to 200 crunches. You've lost 20 lbs. Yet you still have a belly pooch. Guess what?! All those pushups and crunches could be the reason you have a potbelly. Here is why you need to stop ASAP!

So the deal is that we have outer and inner muscles. Most traditional exercises overtrain the outer and larger muscles. When you do this, you actually can separate the the connection from the outer to inner muscles. (This is a medical condition known asdiastasis recti. You've seen this look most often among body builders with no curves and a wide waist.)

There is a fix! You must deeply engage the transverse abdominis, aka your body's natural corset. Doing so will draw the two halves of the rectus abdominis back together. Yay!

Buti Yoga founder's Bizzie Gold created what she calls the Spiral Structure. "This technique breaks down the core muscles into unique complementary pairs that when exerted simultaneously create long, lean lines and maximum core strength." 

We use this in our Buti Yoga NYC classes to not only strengthen the transverse abdominis but also the back muscles at the same time. Through deep core movements like planks and torso spirals with the navel engaged, we maximum strength and stability to result in sleek, toned abs.

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