Own 2016! Show them Who's Boss!

Happy New Year!

Wasn't 2015 an interesting year?

Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn. Serena Williams became the second highest paid athlete -- pulling in a total of $24.6 million. The USA Women's Soccer team won the 2015 FIFA World Cup. Harriet Thompson became the oldest women to run a marathon at the tender age of 92. Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal, who co-founded THINX, made period panties a topic of conversation and simultaneously supported girls in developing nations to go to school full-time.

Whatever your thoughts might be on those mentioned above, it's very clear that some women are going for it ALL. It's inspiring. It's invigorating. It's empowering.

This is my intention for our Buti community to GO ALL IN -- in order to -- GO ALL OUT! I want each of us to OWN our strength and capability on the mat and carry that mindset into our lives outside of the studio.

Most importantly, I intend for each of us to live more authentically.

Living authentically means being able to express all the many facets of yourself without shame. It's unbounded acceptance of your full range...from sex kitten to sage...from green juicer to martini sipper...from unsung hero to braggart.

It's about finding humor, love, and compassion for yourself in the joyful moments and heart-breaking disappointments. It's about taking the baby step forward when your heart goes OH HELL YES while your fear wants to keep you tucked safe in bed.

So let's do this together, my friend. Let's show up to mindfully recognize what holds us back from being ourselves and fuel up for living authentically.



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