Why you don't feel like working out, and how to motivate.

I recently had a friend mention she has difficulty getting motivated to workout. This is a problem we can all relate to from time to time. So how do you get out of the "meh...I don't feel like working out" slump?

ANSWER: You have to re-work the way you think about working out. Re-work your intention.

Do you remember when you used to call jumping, running, or dancing --"PLAYTIME?" When did you make moving your body a chore? Who said it needed to be hard? Who said moving your body shouldn't be fun?

I used to run half-marathons and marathons. I don't do that any longer. Why? Because my intent for running was not to simply enjoy my body. I was running to escape my emotions. I was running to lose weight. Not fun. When I run now, it's because it's gorgeous outside, and I want to be out in nature. I run because I want to challenge myself to go a little faster. My intention is different.

The reason I love Buti and love teaching Buti is because it's my freaking playtime with other awesome women. We shake our stuff like we are in da club, and we hoot and holler. We move our bodies through sequences that make us feel strong and sexy. The side effect is releasing inches and pounds, but it's really not the intention.


This May, I invite you to join me for some PLAYTIME.


Starting Sunday, May 10th, I'm offering a 4-Pack of classes with bonuses like a 7-minute video that you can play whenever you need a little boost of sassy movement, and I've extended the time for our first and last classes to allow for meet & greets with your fellow Buti Babes.

I've also added a Pick 2 option for those who aren't able to commit to all four classes but still want to incorporate some Buti into the month.

So whether you take a Buti Yoga class or not, make your intention for working out to play and celebrate the movement of your body.

Here are some easy and playful workout re-works:

Start a dance-off challenge with your girlfriends/partner/husband/co-workers.

  • Make a date to meet a girlfriend for a walk/run/Buti class and treat yourself to a cocktail or brunch afterwards.
  • Set up your camera for a workout selfie. Post it and spark up those "Likes."
  • Buy new yoga pants so you are excited to show up and show off your curves.
  • Set up a Google Hangout appointment with a friend for a dance break. 

Just remember, you deserve to #EnjoyEveryDamnDay. So...go PLAY!