"Gratitude is the most powerful of all human emotions. It’s the genesis of love, joy and happiness. Gratitude is the true elixir of life and the greatest magic of nature." ~ Ajay Mishra

'Tis that time of year when we all get that warm & fuzzy feeling inside, and we are a little more in touch with our emotions and even inspired to believe in Magic! 

Blame it on the Turkey for setting us off into a FLIGHT OF INDULGENCE & GRATITUDE. During this time of year, it's common to count down the days to the new year and begin reflecting on all that you are grateful for.

Like that turkey thermometer ready to POP, we all have the readiness to feel gratitude, show appreciation for kindness, and return it. Or do we?

Let's be honest. We know we should be feeling gratitude for our lives every single day, but sometimes our inner critic is really loud and a mean 'ol biatch. Perhaps you've found instead of loving life, you are complaining more. 

So what do we do?

It starts with taking a deep breath. Counting to five. Good. Next, you have to start with what's right in front of you. You! Gratitude always begins with you. Love always always begins with you. Kindness always begins with you. (Hmmm. We are sensing a pattern.)

Kindness is magical. It can turn a hum-drum ride on the subway into a moment of pure insight and depth. Kindness is like adding a sweet smiling marshmallow topping to everything we do. To change our reality, we have to start by showing ourselves some kindness & appreciation.  

Whether you are traveling, sitting at your desk, or just catching up on all your emails while waiting in line during this CRAZY shopping weekend, we invite you to create a quick little list of things about yourself that you are thankful for, and we bet you'll start to feel more kindness towards yourself and others as a result.  And please - remember it is mandatory to keep the list playful! After all, we can't take ourselves too seriously if we are going to create yummy marshmallow magic. 

So here let me (Veronica) start by sharing part of my Gratitude list with you all:

I am THANKFUL for:

My eyes - It is through them that I can see the moon and the sun; two universal forces that keep me balanced.

My ears - It is through them that I’m able to hear the sea greet the sand with its crashing foam.

My toes – They help carry the weight of my body and keep me in touch with the ground.

My nose - It is through it that I can smell my coffee pot brewing the elixir that initiates my day.

My heart – One emotional little booger; it allows me to experience life on a deeper level, which makes me very happy and sometimes not.

Tag, you’re it!

Now, it is your turn. 

Ready… set... go!

We dare you to be grateful for yourself and create your own magic.

With much gratitude for YOU!

Las Nomaditas

Oh...and in the name of playfulness, we found this awesome article with kitty-themed marshmallows. ME-OW!

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