“Is it worth it, let me work it. I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it.” – Missy Elliot

For the last few weeks, we have been tapping into our inner bitch. Yes, you know that inner fierce loud, thrashing and impatient voice that takes over abruptly like a volcano spewing out of every pore of your being, mostly when you have ignored problems and issues too long.  Maybe it had something to do with the Taurus Full Moon (the tendency during this time for the tides in nature and our aqueous bodies to run AWOL - aching to release unserving patterns and yearning for justice).  

Can you relate?  It can be frightening if you haven’t explored this wild side of you. We used to hide when we felt this way, pushing the feeling away as a bad case of PMS.  Well, we know that it’s all good, and the undercurrent in the subconscious is just acting like a sweet doting and protective mama as we ignore the issues.  But no more baby! Now these raging emotions are like a battle flag signaling it’s time to go to war and put our warrior goddess crowns on.

Right now, we are really pissed off about money. It really blows our minds that there is a wage gap in 2014. President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in 1963, and at that time woman earned 59 cents to a man's dollar.  Today, 51 years later, women have only improved the situation by 19 cents.  Yes, 19 cents in freaking 51 years.  This is unbelievably outrageous!!!  We are still earning 78 cents on average to a man’s dollar.

Thank goodness there are so many women starting their own companies and learning the art of negotiation, but the real problem lies in the fact that many women don’t fully own their WORTH and not just in the area of money but in relationships and in self-care too.

So today, we are going to a share an exercise that has helped us claim our deserved worth allowing us to:

-       Earn $20K more in 6 months

-       Let go of an off-and-on romantic relationship that wasn’t going anywhere

-       Put a STOP to giving our time to soul-sucking friends

-       Take a dream trip to Italy

-       Start our own business

Let’s get started, but first let’s set the mood.  We never do anything without shaking our Butis.  So, click here to listen to Missy Elliot’s “Work It” to get your juices flowing.

Ready for a Wildlings Write-out? We are going to create a Value Assessment.  In business, we often make lists of all the values and features of a product, and today you’re the subject matter. (It's all about you, hot stuff!)

-       Take out a notebook or piece of paper and a pen to write the answers to this exercise with your own handwriting.  (Studies have shown that writing vs. typing allows you to tap into cells at the base of your brain that act as a filter, giving more focus to the task at hand and actually taking action on what is being put on paper).

-       Divide your paper up into three columns. Label the columns: Family/Relationships, Career/Work & World @ Large. 

-       Now under each column, think of the value you bring to this area of your life.  Think about your natural talents.  What do people ask you for help with? Make the values unique and signature to you.  Go for detail. This isn’t a resume, so you can be playful with your descriptions.  Try to include at least three examples in each column.

Here is a sample from Cole:

Family/Relationships: "I always find a solution to people's problems."

Career/Work: "I add spice and flavor to projects. I make them more intriguing."

World @ Large: "I use my influence and resources to help others in need."

The purpose of this exercise is to take note of all that you bring to any situation. Think of each note as your personal talking points or your own marketing campaign.  Once you have it all written down, you will be communicating and executing from a place of clearance and trust in your own worth – a game changer and empowering approach. 

Keep your Value Assessment in a place you can easily access, and add to it from time to time.  Read it before your year-end review, so that you can easily articulate all the value you bring to your workplace.  If you have your own business, read it before you write your sales copy for a new offering, so that you are super clear on the unique benefits a customer would garner from working with you.  When you have to make a choice about a relationship, refer to the value you are offering someone else, and ask yourself if you are receiving the same value you are putting in.  If you aren’t, it’s time to have a conversation.

We invite you to give this exercise a try, think of it as a dance – a brain twerk.  Go ahead play with it, and let us know your insights after doing it in the comments section below. And by all means...share it with your friends. 

See, we ask for what we want – #WerkIT.

Hell yeah – Let’s Light It Up!


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