New Year's 2016 Buti Yoga NYC Offer

OWN 2016!

It's your time! Will you accept the challenge? 

Creating change requires work and willpower. It requires determination. It requires you to say, I WILL NO MATTER WHAT!

I speak from experience. 

Last year, I looked at my previous year's goals and resolutions. I might have checked off a couple of them, but they weren't the BIG TICKET items. They weren't the big scary dreams that would require me to put myself out into the world and stand for myself. So I vowed to make 2015 different. 

In the area of love/romance, I said NO LONGER WILL I BE SOMEONE'S AFTERTHOUGHT. I wanted to feel PRIZED. I wanted to be IN PARTNERSHIP. And do you know what happened? Sh*t got real. I felt like the universe was throwing me boomerangs to see if I really wanted big love. Crushes from the past resurfaced.