Light It Up

Living an untamed life full of passion means we give of ourselves to others. That's why I'm committed to supporting the education of children by hosting empowerment workshops locally and giving an annual percentage of profits to global initiatives. 


In 2015, I'll be hosting workshops to support the Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP). It is one of the most extensive domestic violence prevention programs in NYC, and is based in public high schools throughout the City. Established in 1999, RAPP's mission is to end relationship abuse among young people. Its curriculum helps students to identify destructive patterns of behavior before they become repeating patterns in adult relationships.

RAPP's goal is to make schools safe places with zero tolerance for any kind of abuse and to promote a safe and productive learning environment for students and staff. In September 2005, the program was expanded to include middle schools, as well as more high schools. RAPP is currently in 61 middle and high schools.