Live for those moments that turn you on.  Aim to exist in the space that guides truth, ignites you, and makes you feel like you're creating the physical manifestation of your soul's desire.


I didn't set out to teach BUTI YOGA or any fitness/spiritual modality. I've been creating in the public relations and marketing world for luxury hotels & restaurants for more than ten years. This calling was instinctual (like the way your eyes are drawn to look up at the a glowing milky white moon).  It started by noticing the way I came alive again when my body was in movement -- running, dancing, and stretching.

I had spent too many restless nights with 2AM wakings and a tight-chested, raw gnawing inside that I wasn't "doing enough" or "pretty enough" or "skinny enough." ENOUGH ALREADY! I'd stay awake for hours and worry about everything from the money I'd needlessly spent on that new dress to how I was going to find a man before I turned 35. Can you relate? 

Well those nights have mostly disappeared thanks to this practice as well as the many teachers that have come into my life. I learned how to drop the drama and deal with my REALITY not some mind-wandering, unfortunate fortune-telling of the future. And that once painful desire to shrink my thighs and ass to fit some arbitrary media-driven jean size that got dumped (not recycled), too, and it was replaced by gratitude for a strong able body and the joy of seeing it jiggle just a little bit.

People come to my BUTI YOGA classes because they heard they'll "get great abs" or because there is candlelight, a kick-ass playlist, and some serious ass-shaking, but that's just the trojan horse. With each beat and each booty pop, my aim is to activate your bodily wisdom, and uncover your truth so that you no longer look to the media or some guru for what or who you should be. You will look within and know. And you will radiate with that knowing. That's real beauty - CONFIDENCE. 

My ultimate goal is to help you shed the broken story that you've carried with you, so that you can stop living for others and start living for yourself. I will teach you how to re-engage and mend that relationship with your body, so that movement isn't a fight or struggle, it is your grand expression. Your body was created to heal itself and support you, and that's that. Can I get a HELL YES!!!

I look forward to meeting you soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email me via the form below. 



Ms. Cole


  • Buti Yoga Certified Instructor
  • 200 RYT - Pure Yoga NYC
  • CPR/AED Certified 

Each of us has a process, a story, a sequence of events that led us to the exact place we are today. Below is a snapshot of mine. (Please keep in mind all my really juicy stories are only shared over salt-rimmed margaritas.)


1983 - Compete in Annie look-a-like contest. Red wig - check. Red dress - check. Big ass smile - check. 

1985 - Grandparents return from a year of missionary work in Madrid with 10 towering boxes of chocolates. One piece of divine hazelnut chocolate becomes a life-long addiction. 

1987 - Moves to Red Oak, Texas. Creates first exclusive "neighborhood club" program with membership cards complete with head shot.  Membership offers entrance into neighbor's tool shed where Dr. Pepper is served in Dixie Cups.  It's all about the amenities.

1988 - Watches PBS's Nutcracker and becomes infatuated with ballet and tutus. Since parents can't afford dance lessons, convinces cousins to participate in directing debut of Cole's Nutcracker on Christmas Eve.

1990 - Build first business with Grandma Irene. She makes jewelry. I peddle goods from door-to-door and sell to neighbors.

1995 - Father sends me off to London and Amsterdam for three weeks. Experience first pangs of love for a boy and travel. 

1996 - Graduates from high school and writes in memory book, "I plan to live in a loft apartment in North Dallas or New York City."

2000 - Writes and directs a dark comedy one-act play at Baylor University.  Receives stellar reviews from professors, and criticism from the "intellectual actors," which reinforces philosophy: "You can't please everyone, so best to create the work that pleases yourself."  

2002 -  Falls in love with Marc Chagall's works. Dreaminess unbound.

2004 - Lands an internship in travel public relations during last semester of graduate school. Internship becomes a full-time gig. Help orchestrate two New York City media events. The city beckons, and I answer the call with three suitcases full of clothes and high heels. 

2006 - Big-haired Texan lands a big travel PR job off Madison Avenue and a fab apartment in Soho. After receiving first "big city" paycheck realizes that state and city taxes do apply and budget will only allow for a Harlem apartment. Packs up dreams of Sex and the City living and heads to the hood. 

2009 - After feeling soul-less and lost for three years, finds Handel Group Lifecoaching and IntenSati. Renews spirit. Like stepping onto the automatic walking path at airport. Going places. Realizes: Sometimes we have to enter darkness to find our own light. 

2010 - Train as IntenSati leader and written up in Well + Good NYC. Hired by boutique hotel company to oversee marketing initiatives for three hotels. 

2011 - Oversees marketing for the launch of a celebrity-chef restaurant, The National Bar & Dining Rooms in Midtown Manhattan. Increases hotel package production revenue by 101% YOY. Subscribes to Entrepreneur Magazine which feeds desire to work part-time from home in yoga pants and part-time from around-the-world. Realizes becoming a multi-passionate entrepreneur would feed soul and bank account.

2012 - Completes BUTI training with Founder Bizzie Gold.

2014 - Travels to Italy to study yoga. Begins teaching Buti Yoga to friends on rooftops in Williamsburg. Dips into the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and reads Women Who Run With Wolves (game-changing).

2015 - Takes studio space at Pearl Studios for weekly classes. Recreates the experience. Combines the two loves -- Hotels & Buti Yoga -- for pop-up events at McCarren Hotel & Pool as well as Yotel NYC. Hosts Moon Circles for busy New York women.